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    How To Create
    A Timeless Kitchen
    You can do it yourself with simple design elements

Modern Kitchen Design

While a trendy kitchen can be fun, it may go out of style over time. Opting for classic design elements is something that designers do to avoid kitchens that look outdated. But just what is it that makes a kitchen timeless?

  • Keep Cabinets Neutral
    These cabinet types never go out of style

    Choosing cabinets that are neutral or white can really give your kitchen that classic feel. These types of cabinets can brighten the room and make a small kitchen look bigger. These types of cabinets usually don't go out of style. If white is not your thing, neutral colors like soft gray or light blue can also work well.

  • Consider Glass
    Great design for smaller kitchens

    Another timeless kitchen design element is glass cabinet doors. These have the ability to create the look of a bigger kitchen and to help it feel less closed in. This doesn't mean that every cabinet should have glass doors, however. Glass inside cabinet doors can also create a unique style not seen in other kitchens.

  • Use Modern Tile Designs
    The right tile can make a huge difference

    Subway tile is also timeless, as it conveys a sleek, clean look. It is easy to maintain, making cleanup a breeze. If you are thinking white is the only choice, not so, there are countless subway tile options available to choose from. They come in a huge variety of colors and different types of materials as well.

Creating Your Dream Kitchen

These are just a few timeless kitchen design factors to consider; there are many others as well. Adding elements like these to your kitchen is the best way to go when in doubt about what design options to choose. Try using kitchen design software to discover endless options and to see what your design will look like before the actual work begins.

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